How can I join?

Procedures for joining Waseda Univ. Co-op

Waseda Univ. Co-op is operated by its members’ share capital.
The amount of share capital depends is 24,000 yen
You can join co-op at the following Waseda Univ. co-op stores.

  • Waseda campus : Co-op members’ service center B1F, Bld. №17th
  • Toyama campus : 1F, Bld. №31st
  • Nishiwaseda campus : B1F, Bld. №57th
  • Tokorozawa campus : 4F Bld. №100th

Just bring your above mentioned share capital and student ID or admission certificate to the nearest Waseda Univ. Co-op stores.
You will receive a Co-op membership card after finishing application.
When you graduate or leave school and withdraw from your Co-op membership, your total amount of share capital will be returned.


  • When buying a book, never fail to show your Co-op membership card.
    You can buy books at about 10% OFF. Some books are not applicable.
  • When returning your share capital, bring your Co-op membership card.
    Be careful to lose it, since you will be asked to pay a handling charge.