How to use the Coop?

General store

We supply stationary, daily appliances, word processors, personal computers, groceries, food, sports goods and other products required for campus life.
You can use photocopy machines.
You can order products that are not available in the store. Pleas ask the co-op staff for details.
Development, printing and enlargement of photos, telephone cards, movie theater tickets and home delivery service are also available.

Travel Agency

JR tickets, flight reservation (domestic and international), hotel bookings and various types of tours can be arranged.


With the membership card, you can buy books, textbooks and magazines at a 10% discount rate (not applicable to all items).
You can order books which are not in stock. You can also order foreign books.


Tasty dishes are offered at inexpensive price. Various dishes can be enjoyed including set menu, daily specials, noodle dishes and curried rice. Party catering is also provided. The co-op cafeteria is a self-service system. Please return your tray when finished eating.

Student Mutual Benefit

The mutual benefit system based on members' mutual support spirit covers your 24 hour a day life. For details, please refer to its brochure. There is Student Liability Insurance. Please join.

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